ICAT manufactures a range of products for the rehabilitation of buried and offshore pipelines. Our plural component urethanes and epoxies provide the latest in technological advancements in corrosion protection. Special coatings for use on transitions between mainline coating systems such as PE to epoxy have been developed to maintain the integrity of the coating system.
ICAT has paid special attention to areas on the pipe that are more susceptible to corrosion. Field joints by nature are the weak link to any pipeline system. Mainline coatings must be joined by field applied coating. ICAT develops systems that seamlessly join 3- layer PE, FBE, Epoxy, and Urethane coated pipe.
ICAT manufactures a range of products that are used for gas proofing concrete and steel structures. These coatings can be applied on wet or damp surfaces and provide superior protection. These range of products are ideal for wastewater and pulp and paper industries