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FC520 “WetCoat”

FC-520 Wet Coat (Wet surface coating for steal and concrete)

FC-520 is a tough, moderately flexible 100% solids epoxy hybrid parging compound specifically formulated to be applied to wet or damp surfaces. Its excellent adhesion to damp surfaces and its ability to form an impervious membrane make it a superior alternative to tapes and mastic products. FC-520 is applied direct to wet surfaces and will cure at temperatures as low as 5C

Tech Data Sheet


FC-520 may be sprayed or trowel-applied in thicknesses exceeding 30 mils. When used with hand application, FC-520 may be massaged onto the surface and displace the surface moisture. Adhesion is gained by the displacement and exhudation of the surface water. FC-520 has zero VOC and is odourless during and after the application.

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