R&D News

LS-2001 Field Joint Coating System has been developed from new technology that overcomes the limitations of existing shrink sleeve technology. Failures with shrink sleaves are mainly due to the lack of adhesion between the 3 layer PE mainline coating and the sleave which relies on whoop strength for lasting adhesion. Once the effects of time and temperature allow the sleave to stretch, moisture and water can penetrate underneath and corrode the steel beneath. The lack of a sound corrosion coating under the sleave leaves little protection to the field joint.

LS-2001 Epoxy and LS-2001 CT Urethane are designed to overcome these short-commings by providing a chemical bond to the surrounding mainline 3 layer PE coating as well as a sound corrosion coating to the field joint that is attained by adhesion to the steel and not whoop strenth. A flexible topcoat is applied over the entire joint and transition areas that inhibits cracking due to thermal shrinkage and handling.

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